How to Construct a Good Link

No matter how well-built your website, how beautiful, usefull….etc. It does you or anyone else no good if no one goes there. Here’s how that happens:

The world wide web is meant to be interconnected with what is called hyperlinks, or just links that when clicked on takes you to the new location (the web page where the link is pointed to).  It is extremely important to have these links pointed to your site.  How it is done is very important too.

First of all if you want the search engines to give you credibility within whatever category your site is in, it is important to have links that come from pages from within the same category. For example if you have a medical page, you want the link that goes to your page to be from a page that is medical in nature.

The way people find any web site page is by entering a keyword (a keyword could be made up of several words – like “medical supplies” would be a keyword) into a search engine and then viewing the results. Ideally web site owners would like their keyword(s) to produce results within the first few pages of those results. Here’s how that can happen.

Once your site is optimized for a keyword (we’ll use the keyword “marketing” as an example) you’re ready to start getting some links. (For free optimization information go here: ).

The URL: You want to use the web address of the page that has the keyword you want to use, whether it is your home page or an interior page. You should have outside links to every important page on your site.

The Title: This is the usually blue and underlined portion of the link, it is the part that is live and when clicked on redirects the browser to your target page. This is where you should have the keyword.  In html language it looks like this: <a href=””>Title</a&gt;

Alt Title: This is the words that show up when you move your cursor over the live link and it has a little bubble with words. This should also have your keyword. In html language it looks like this: <a href=”” alt=”alt title”>marketing</a>

Description: Usually you want this to describe the page in a short but compelling manner. Length will depend largely on the design of the page the link is placed on. If on someone else’s site a short two sentence description is usually sufficient.

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